Lydia Hirte

Lydia Hirte est une artiste Allemande qui réalise des bijoux sculpturaux en carton. Ses expérimentations sur la matière l’ont amenée a parfaitement la maîtriser et ainsi travailler le carton sans colle, pliages, ni supports métalliques. Ces petites structures sont autoporteuses et ainsi autonomes.

On account of applying my different methods and techniques I am able to generate strong tension within the cardboard. These I use to create self supporting structures. The resulting objects are stable and resilient. These is the reason why I need not apply the standard paper handling techniques – gluing, folding, nesting – and why I need not use additional reinforcements such as metal, bars, other rivets or other support within the spatial structure. So my technique allows both to overcome the well known restrictions of working with paper and to make use of the advantages of this material. To my knowledge I generally extend through this technique the possibilities of working with paper in the arts. So far I came neither across works in jewellery nor in paper arts in which tension is used in such an intensive and essential way.

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